London & I have a long history… The fascination with this city began when I was barely 8, with Enid Blyton books. Then came the Bollywood movies where the lead characters would either be an Oxford alumni who sticks to her Indian traditions or a guy who goes to London to study, so that he could find his estranged brother. After a few years, during a tough time at a new school when I was 15, I came across an exchange student program conducted by my school and Cranbrook school in Kent, the program included an opportunity to go to London for 15 days. I heard ” trip to London” and I was in the flight the next moment. Though it was a short trip, it was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. It was better than in the movies. The places I got to visit, the classes I attended, and the friends I made, will be with me forever. Before leaving, I promised myself that I will come to London again, sometime, to study, to get a degree, and here I am!

Though it’s been only a month here at Middlesex University, I am enjoying every bit of it. Over the years I had become an introvert, calling myself an anthropophobic would be an exaggeration but I loved spending time alone. So before coming here for the post grad, I had my own concerns. But it’s only now when I am writing this post, I am realizing that’s it’s been a month, a month away from home, away from loved ones, away from rice and sambhar. Time passes so quickly, I hardly get time for myself, but I am not complaining. From the classes, friends, new job to becoming the London Study Ambassador of Middlesex, it’s been great so far.

Looking forward to explore London and to make you love this city as much as I do 🙂